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Natural Diamonds

Our huge collection of loose diamonds is well known for its excellent refractive index, precise cut, long-lasting sparkle, and flawless look. Provided gemstones are made of authentic rough diamonds that have been polished and curved to attain their desired look.  Size of this range of gemstones ranges between 1.00 mm to 3.40 mm. These gemstones have round shape and their cutting quality is excellent. Sourced from Canada, Australia and South Africa, this range of loose diamonds are meant for jewelry designing purpose. As per Mohs hardness tester, these diamonds rank 10. As per carat weight, these diamonds weigh maximum 0.15 carat.
Meant for jewelry designing purposes, this collection of black diamonds has a long-lasting sheen. Round in shape, these opaque gemstones are offered in polished form. These rare diamonds are cheaper than colorless diamonds for their less demand. Due to their carbon and graphite based content, these gemstones have attained black color. Usually black diamonds are heat-treated to attain a distinctively gray color. Heat treatment contributes to the even color of these diamonds. Originated in India, these 10 mm gemstones are offered in polished form. Long-lasting sparkle, standard weight, precise cut, and long-lasing quality are the key aspects of this product range.
Originated in India, Salt and Pepper diamonds are becoming popular choices for engagement rings. Notable for their unique pattern, precise cut and visually appealing color, these diamonds are preferred over conventionally used white diamonds for designing engagement rings. Blackish to icy white color pattern of this array of gemstones perfectly match with most of the fabric color and ornament design. Unlike other gemstones, Salt and Pepper diamonds are judged simply on the basis of their overall appearance and also on the basis of the factor whether these match with  specific jewelry design or not. To be precise, these diamonds are not quality checked as per  their weight, clarity and color.
This range of GIA Certified Diamonds is well known for its high purity, maximum 19.00 carat weight, long lasting radiance, US origin and polished look. Perfect for adorning ornaments, this collection of gemstones has significant role in bringing prosperity and good luck to users. These visually appealing GIA Certified Diamonds have VVS2 /VS2 clarity, Ex cut and VG symmetry.  Available in round and pear cut choices. To attain GIA certification, this range of gemstones has gone through a series of strict quality checking procedures. Importance is given on checking cut, clarity, color and carat weight of these diamonds while assessing their standard.
Our huge collection of diamond beads has increased demand in jewelry designing arena for its pure content, premium quality, excellent cut and superb polish. These sparkling gemstone beads are perfect to accentuate the elegance of any diamond ornament. Radiance of these beads remains unaffected even after their prolonged usage. Available in different color, cut, clarity, surface hardness and size based choices, this array of diamond beads is appreciated for their cost effectiveness. Opaque in appearance, these bead based gemstones have 1.5 mm to 5 mm size range. Based on ornament designing type, this collection of beads can be availed in checker cut, rose cut and briolette cut  choices.

We mainly export to United State of America, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

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